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Richa January 28, 2021




Declining Service Revenue
High absenteeism
Casual attitude towards

Strategic Drivers

  1. Initiated a detailed time and motion study to define the ideal time of doing a job
  2. Launched a point system
    • Zero points for doing the job in “ideal” time, bonus points for doing the job before time. Minus points for taking more than the ideal time
    • Repeat job attracted deduction of points
  3. A monthly reward and recognition scheme was introduced around the point system
  4. The reward was a hamper which had basic household groceries

Critical Element

  1. Defining the ideal time basis “time and motion study” brought in a lot of transparency
  2. The grocery hamper engaged the family and there was reverse pressure from the family on the employee to win the hamper as it freed up some “extra money”


  1. Service Revenues started increasing
  2. Customer satisfaction improved
  3. Reduction in repeat repairs
  4. Reduction in absenteeism
  5. The team practically competed with each other to get every new vehicle that came for repair

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