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Richa April 2, 2019



Strategic Service Offered by Finesse

Business Consulting


Losses in operations
Safety violations
Huge inventory

Strategic Drivers

Changed the DNA of the Organization. This Organization is in Telecom Infrastructure maintenance. They had a strength of over 1200 on roll employees. A large number of them were technicians. Inventory in each state was maintained separately. The invoices were always delayed as the technical team sent delayed and at times incorrect inputs. We suggested that they completely outsource the operations. Separate vendors were identified in each State.

Critical Element

  1. TChanged the business model and moved from execution to management of execution by contractors. This reduced the manpower count tremendously
  2. Inventory cost reduced to zero as inventory was carried by outsourced vendor
  3. Billing happened accurately and faster
  4. Critical manpower reskilled for the new roles within the Organization


  1. In 2 years from loss to profit
  2. Safety violations reduced dramatically
  3. One sixth the manpower

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