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Richa April 2, 2019



Strategic Service Offered by Finesse

Coaching IDP



Strategic Drivers

The Organization is cash rich and flush with funds. The work is structured in a way that there are just 3 roles but thousands of employees. This made the employee feel that their learning was stagnant. Growth for an employee meant increase in salary but no role change. Attrition was near zero as the strategy was to peg salaries at 95th percentile of the highest salary paid anywhere in the country. Employees were highly pampered and equally dissatisfied.

Critical Element

  1. The first step was to coach all the managers to become “coaches”
  2. Take their team through the journey that team Finesse took the managers through
  3. The journey was of 16 sessions spread over 4 months followed by a quarterly session
  4. The most critical element was to take them on a path of shared discovery to understand their reasons and rewards for working with the Organization.


  1. The employee engagement score improved, and percentage of engaged employees jumped dramatically
  2. A clear sense of FOMO developed in the employees as they explored their reasons for staying with the Organization
  3. Greater team bonding
  4. A strong mentoring culture developed
  5. The manager coaches created “individual learning journey” for their teammates which directed their energy on “self-development”

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