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Richa April 2, 2019



Strategic Lever

Engagement by spiking aspiration


In Telecom, all operators have FoS (feet on street) who are called DST (direct sales team). These employees are paid a fixed salary to keep them engaged but 70% pay-out is as incentives which they earn basis their sales performance.

  1. Churn was at an all-time high of almost 40% every month.
  2. The productivity was low as the DST’s carried SIM cards of all operators and sold whatever they could with no particular loyalty


Analysis and feedback from the team threw up the fact that churn and poor productivity were there because the

  1. DST did not see a long-term career with the telecom operators
  2. They easily got higher fixed salary if they opted for retail jobs
  3. The operational handling of on roll employees and DST was very different and they felt they were being discriminated against

Action Points

We did a gap analysis between the profile of a DST employee and an entry level on roll employee
This diagnostic was used to develop a training programme so that a DST may have the opportunity to be hired “on roll” at a much higher salary
This was an 18-month programme and included a mix of classroom training, projects, reading etc
The certification was broken into 3 levels of 6 months each – orange, green and black.
There was recognition and celebration post completion of each level to keep the DST’s energized
DST’s that qualified all 3 levels were then assessed for on roll positions available with the company across India
Many DST’s qualified and became on roll which served as an incentive to other DST’s


Churn reduced dramatically to an acceptable 10 to 12%
Loyalty to the brand increased and productivity increased by 40%
This programme also helped in filling front-end entry-level positions in the Organization in smaller towns and villages where it was difficult to find talent

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