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Virtual CXO

We work with our clients in the capacity of

  • Virtual CEO (Chief Executive officer)
  • Virtual CHRO (Chief Human Resource officer)
  • Virtual CSMO (Chief Sales and Marketing officer)
  • Virtual CMO (Chief Marketing officer)
  • Virtual CQO (Chief quality officer)

This is a flexible engagement model wherein our clients can have the best talent, whilst capping their payroll budget. Talent is the key as research suggests 48% employers in India have difficulty filling positions.

The Finesse team works across Industry segments and this enables us to bring “valuable learning from across industry” to the clients we work with.

Virtual CEO (Chief Executive officer)

Envisioning the future – crafting the Vision Mission Values

Aligning the culture, team, resources, systems, processes to ensure result orientation and institution building.

Ensuring execution and assuming responsibility for all day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the companies long and short term plans.

Virtual CHRO (Chief Human Resource officer)

Defining and nurturing a culture that drives execution of the strategic plans of the Organization. Goal Setting, aligning the aspirations of each employee to the bigger picture, measuring results and rewarding performance.

Designing an Organization structure, creating a Performance Measurement System, Reward and Recognition, training, psychometric assessments. At the operational level we create HR policies, processes and design employee engagement systems.

OD intervention; identifying and nurturing high potential employees.

Virtual CSO (Chief Sales and Marketing officer)

Delivering numbers, revenue, margins and steering the brand to deliver sales results.

Building sales competencies in the team, ensuring focus on sales input parameters, delivering sales output, process mapping, review mechanism, Customer relationship management are the critical tools. In the domain of sales we work with your team at various levels to achieve targets.

Virtual CQO (Chief quality officer)

Scalability is the magic mantra, Finesse helps Organization’s to define and adhere to processes. The shortest and safest route to scalability!!

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