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What Every Entrepreneur needs to KNOW, To maximize results from Human Resources

Richa September 23, 2022
  1. Maximize the discretionary effort of your team – With policies you can make an employee come to the office at 9 AM and stay for the required hours.What the employee does in that time is their “discretionary effort”.  Employees need to be motivated and engaged if we want them to do their best. Only when the team is happy, will they go the extra mile and contribute effectively towards Organizational goals.

  2. Hire the right fit, not just fill a position – An Entrepreneur needs to understand his / her own Organization’s culture and identify which candidate will fit in well. Many times we hire people who were performing well in their current Organization but are unable to perform in the new Organization. Cultural fitment is the reason. Just like some plants thrive in the sun and others in shade we need to explore the fitment of candidates.

  3. Offer employees a fair opportunity to grow- Employees should see a clear growth path with the Organization. Growth means offering challenging assignments to employees and delegating meaningful assignments. Teams grow professionally when they work on assignments that require them to use a higher level of skills. Entrepreneurs must recognize talented and skilled people within the system and elevate them accordingly. There should be a succession planning pipeline to ensure business sustainability.

  4. Goal Clarity is critical- Every employee must know the Organization’s objectives and how they can contribute to it. The employees must know what is expected from them in clear terms. There should be a goal sheet for every employee. This goal sheet should be reviewed regularly. If goals are not met – the cause should be explored. Is it lack of will or lack of skill? If it is a lack of skill – the employee needs training support. If there is lack of will – the leader must explore and address the cause.

  5. Reward the desired behavior- create a performance-driven culture. There should be reward and recognition for people who perform as per your expectations. Even recognition which is free of cost motivates teams to perform at a higher level. Incentives can be used to reward superior performance. Differentiate the incentives of high and low performers – so that high performers are motivated to perform at a higher level and low performers are encouraged to improve their performance.

  6. Walk the Talk. The team should see the entrepreneur behaving as per the value system of the Organization. For e.g. if ethicality is a stated value and the practices do not support this value – the employee will not be able trust the leadership of the Organization.Trust in leadership is the corner of a successful Organization.

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