Assessment Centre


An assessment centre is used to evaluate the potential of employees working in an Organization. The potential is the how of performance just like KRA’s (key result area) is the what of performance. The report generated from the Assessment Centre may be used by the management to take the following career decisions for employees:

  ■ Career development and Individual Development Plan

  ■ Potential appraisal for identifying “high potentials”

  ■ Succession planning

  ■ Promotion

  ■ Role Change

  ■ Allocations of challenging assignments

  ■ Identification of training needs

The validity of an Assessment Centre is ensured by the following:

  ■ Each participant is assessed by multiple assessors. This increases objectivity.

  ■ There is a calibration exercise where assessors discuss each participant in depth.

  ■ Multiple assessors, multiple exercises, multiple sources of information, specifically defined competencies and a thorough review and integration of evidence by all assessors.

  ■ The Development centre is focused on identifying the potential and on creating the development plan for an individual.