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Building Teams

Tanay and Reet work for a startup. Tanay has been with the Organization for over a year and Reet joined a few months back. Tanay is a very conscientious professional and works like an entrepreneur. In December last year he was to attend a wedding with his fiancée but at that point he was handling […]

Richa October 18, 2019

A lesson to be learnt from Dussehra

A lesson to be learnt from Dussehra It was Rama’s diverse team (Vanar’s, Bears, Garuda’s, Men and God’s) which conquered evil, created history, crafted the great epic. It is a very clear indication to the Corporate World – celebrate diversity and encourage inclusivity in teams!! A McKinsey research states that racially and ethnically diverse Organizations are 35% […]

Richa October 8, 2019

Contribution or Institution!!

Kabir is working with Flint Networks and is an excellent performer, recognized for his leadership skills, cross-functional initiatives, and contribution. He is a graduate by education. Sandhya is from IIM and an average performer. Kabir and Sandhya both handle similar roles and revenue kitty. Flint recruits 10% MBA’s from premium institutes and 90% non-MBA’s every […]

Richa August 5, 2019

Work-life integration – it’s a two-way street

Videsh is a gifted sales head – drives business, delivers results. He is well respected and highly acclaimed in the Organization. Sakshi is a key member of the sales team. Recently she went on an unapproved leave. Videsh was livid and made a compelling case to HR suggesting that she does not appreciate how critical […]

Richa July 25, 2019

Training on Performance Management System

Suresh was very surprised with his annual assessment, the whole year he thought his manager was happy with his work but Suresh got a poor rating in the annual assessment Kopal had 5 people in her team and she was wondering how to rate them as she only remembered a few incidents from last year […]

Richa May 27, 2019

Learn and Grow

Employees today are very keen to grow – in role and in capability. They want to see that the Organization is making a genuine effort to enhance their skills. I want to share Sunil’s case here. It is Sunil’s 4 th year with the Organization. He likes his job and his co-workers. He also respects […]

Richa April 2, 2019

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