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Common Employee Hiring Mental Blocks That Entrepreneurs Grapple With

The dictionary definition of an entrepreneur is – “a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.” What this definition does not capture is the passion and complete involvement that the entrepreneur possesses. The entrepreneur starts out on a fresh landscape. There are certain experiences he/she […]

Richa November 2, 2022

Tips & Tricks For Business Owners To build a Performance Driven Culture

Start by creating a business plan with clear numbers. This is also called the AoP – Annual Operating Plan. There should be detailed information on the revenue to be earned and every cost to be incurred. This plan will be created for the Organization and include all departments. This AOP will be used to create […]

Richa September 23, 2022

What Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know, To Maximize Results From Human Resources

Maximize the discretionary effort of your team – With policies you can make an employee come to the office at 9 AM and stay for the required hours.What the employee does in that time is their “discretionary effort”.  Employees need to be motivated and engaged if we want them to do their best. Only when […]

Richa September 23, 2022

Are You Embarrassed By Your Hr Consultancy Skills? Here’s What To Do

What is HR Consultancy? Advice and services from a third-party specialist to help businesses enhance the efficiency of their HR operations. HR consultancy services also adopt new policies and processes most feasibly.  HR consultancies are frequently hired to handle a specific problem or shortfall. They are entrusted with assessing, auditing, proposing, and implementing a strategy […]

Richa May 7, 2022

Most People Will Never Be Great At Business Management. Read Why

It’s understandable why managers make critical errors in business management. Many managers lack basic people management training, which shows their inability to practice the necessary soft skills required to lead. But, perhaps, more importantly, many managers lack the values, sensitivity, and awareness required to deal with people effectively all day. People are essentially valued and […]

Richa May 7, 2022

What Everyone Ought To Know About Business Management

What is Business Management? Business management is the coordination and organization of business activities.  Business managers oversee operations and help employees reach their top productivity levels. A business manager may also supervise new employees to help a business achieve its operational and financial objectives. More about Business Management One thing which is extremely important that […]

Richa April 25, 2022

How do assessment centre have a massive impact on your business?

What is an Assessment Centre? To combat the interview’s lack of credibility, forward-thinking companies have turned to Assessment Centres to improve recruitment. An Assessment Centre is a set of tasks that allow candidates to demonstrate their abilities by simulating real-life work circumstances.  This could include a fake meeting, presentation, or report. This approach will take […]

Richa April 23, 2022

How to Increase Business Efficiency with HR Consultant

Every company needs a well-organised and well-managed HR system to provide a seamless workflow and a clear communication channel. Organisations that have a framework and procedure can grow and prosper in the appropriate path. HR consultant are useful in this situation. From recruitment to day-to-day HR processes, a consultant is required to perform various HR […]

Richa March 16, 2022

Will Leadership Development Ever Rule the World?

Leadership development is a program designed to improve an individual’s ability to function effectively in leadership roles within an organization. It focuses on – sharpening and improving professionals’ talents to take on essential roles in an organization. formulating and executing business strategy, fostering alignment, and assisting others in their career development. Employees can also learn […]

Richa March 8, 2022

The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Leadership Development

One of the most serious concerns confronting businesses today is leadership development. It is significant because it represents a significant opportunity for firms to gain a competitive advantage in their industry.  There has never been a more pressing need for leadership development. Companies recognize that in today’s volatile and ambiguous environment, they require leadership qualities […]

Richa March 4, 2022
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