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The right fit!!

The brain is like “#realestate”. It is precious and we have to choose how we use it. Our personal #values determine what we choose. #Mark Zuckerberg, #Barack Obama, #Richard Branson, #Steve Jobs (past) wear similar-looking clothes every day to avoid an inessential decision. By sticking to a monotonous wardrobe, they can combat the phenomena of “decision fatigue”, which subsequently improves their efficiency in decision […]

Richa May 20, 2021

Employees First!!

Walmart has inspired many case studies, budding entrepreneurs, business analysts. Sam Walton said “If you want a successful business, your people must feel that you are working for them—not that they are working for you.” He nurtured a #culture of “connect”, “#appreciation” and “#recognition” in the DNA of each colleague. Everyone who works at Walmart is expected […]

Richa May 20, 2021

The joy of working

“The law of work seems unfair, but nothing can change it; the more enjoyment you get out of your work, the more money you will make.”  Mark Twain. I am blessed to have the privilege of working where my #passion leads me. When I take a consulting assignment my only objective is to create #value for the client. I […]

Richa May 20, 2021

Competencies for high performers – are they inherent or tethered to some invisible hook?

  Ronit is a fresh engineering graduate. He starts his job in June & till then he is interning. We got a very challenging project, we needed all hands on deck and Ronit had been looking for such an opportunity. I asked him to work with us on “project critical” for 8 days. He was […]

Richa March 17, 2021


Designing powerful incentives Incentives must drive the current “Organizational Priority” – sales, revenue, customer service Goals must involve a reasonable stretch Reward the correct metrics Incentives should be transparent Incentives should be paid out timely They should be motivating Measurement and payout must be fair Plan correctly and once announced they must be paid out […]

Richa September 4, 2020

Single minded focus on results

Reyansh’s firm Candizz specialised in exquisite temple jewellery but was languishing. Local market was non-existent, and expanding the footprint expensive. Production targets were missed continuously and operations shoddy. The very first thing we did, was to set up a review rhythm. Reviews got them to identify input output metrics, key business levers and drove accountability. […]

Richa March 11, 2020

Building Teams

Tanay and Reet work for a startup. Tanay has been with the Organization for over a year and Reet joined a few months back. Tanay is a very conscientious professional and works like an entrepreneur. In December last year he was to attend a wedding with his fiancée but at that point he was handling […]

Richa October 18, 2019

A lesson to be learnt from Dussehra

A lesson to be learnt from Dussehra It was Rama’s diverse team (Vanar’s, Bears, Garuda’s, Men and God’s) which conquered evil, created history, crafted the great epic. It is a very clear indication to the Corporate World – celebrate diversity and encourage inclusivity in teams!! A McKinsey research states that racially and ethnically diverse Organizations are 35% […]

Richa October 8, 2019

Contribution or Institution!!

Kabir is working with Flint Networks and is an excellent performer, recognized for his leadership skills, cross-functional initiatives, and contribution. He is a graduate by education. Sandhya is from IIM and an average performer. Kabir and Sandhya both handle similar roles and revenue kitty. Flint recruits 10% MBA’s from premium institutes and 90% non-MBA’s every […]

Richa August 5, 2019

Work-life integration – it’s a two-way street

Videsh is a gifted sales head – drives business, delivers results. He is well respected and highly acclaimed in the Organization. Sakshi is a key member of the sales team. Recently she went on an unapproved leave. Videsh was livid and made a compelling case to HR suggesting that she does not appreciate how critical […]

Richa July 25, 2019
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