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This is an objective 360-degree assessment of an Organization. We assess the existing processes and do a deep dive with the employees, customers, vendors to get a snapshot of ....

HR consulting

We work with your Organization in developing and executing the human resource strategy in alignment with the overall business plan and strategic direction of the organization....

Assessment Centre

This is a flexible engagement model wherein our clients can have the best talent, whilst capping their payroll budget.....

Sales Factory

Businesses thrive on numbers. Absolute numbers, revenue, margins, profitability, PBT, EBIDTA. The approach is the key. The journey begins with the sales team.....



To me, she has been the epitome of how an HR professional can make a huge difference in the lives of the Organization’s teammates. Genuinely caring for the overall well-being of the person and not just the Role he/she is into, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing how empathetically she handheld a colleague who was let go. All the other professional traits of an HR, are only Add-Ons to this one. Quite obviously, the same shines in her efforts at Finesse. It’s been and is a privilege to know her.

Ripudaman Singh


Richa was my colleague and has a tremulous zeal and passion . She is focused , self motivated , entrepreneurial and has a zest for life . I found her exceptional in Learning and Development as also HR operations . Very dependable , she has a high integrity and is focused towards delivering value to any organization she associates !!

Manish Kharbanda


I worked with Richa during my stint as the Rajasthan COO for MTS. She was an excellent HR head, very well networked, passionate about her role and very business savvy having worked in business roles herself. She has got excellent leadership qualities, energetic, clarity of thought, assertive to put her point across logically. She has got excellent qualities to understand the business dynamics and the need for the change to build a sustainable organization. She is a very good team player and commands good respect among team members, peers and superiors. I wish Richa the very best in her professional journey….

Ashish Bhatia


I worked with Richa n she is one the best leader n HR person to work with. Good in detail, Supportive n always thinks ahead

Arun M


I have had the honor of sharing the same learning space with Richa during the Art & Science of Coaching program. What impressed me the most about Richa is her openness and passion for learning. It was also amazing to witness the transformation of Richa as an individual during course of the program. It is said that the journey of a coach is the journey of a human being. Richa is a great example of that!

Prasad Kurian


When COVID disrupted the normal working it was important to keep the team motivated and engaged. One conversation with Richa and we decided to add value to our teams by engaging her for soft skill enhancement. And what a fabulous work she did. Her communication, commitment and the nudges helped in creating some excellent interactive sessions. The team loved it. We intend to follow up with some in person sessions as soon as the situation permits. Thanks Richa for these sessions.

Amit Mathur


I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Richa. We had superb experience working with Finesse as our consultants (Richa & Sunir) for last 6 month at the Oswal Cables, Co-creating overall change for us from Organisational Structure, Roles, Responsibilities, Reviews, Checks, Coaching and learning etc
We have seen a dramatic increase in the productivity level of our company in such a short span of time.

It’s really impressive to see Finesse ability to handle multiple projects & people from various industries at one point of time, deliver great results and maintains utmost confidentiality & highest professional behaviour.

No matter how tense our problems are Richa made sure everyone left with a smile and positivity. As a consultant & coach Finesse is “HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”

Puneet Talera


Richa is high on learning agility and the ability to engage teams. She consistently initiated and drove revenue enhancement projects with cross functional “high potentials” . HR was totally mapped to Business Priorities.

Rajesh Garg


I know Ms. Richa Mahendra very well and she is having very good experience in implementing various worthful HR projects with diversified reputed industries i.e. Automotive / cement industries etc.
Richa is having expertise in setting up KRA, KPI, MBO, Balance scorecard, Strategy mapping, certified disc assessor, psychometric assessor etc. She is very good trainer also on various topics.
I recommend her to take her HR expertise to increase productivity and performance based culture in organization.

Vikas Jain


Committed, articulate, focused, practical. This pretty much sums up what Richa is about and how she works. I have known here in various capacities over the past 18 years and am amazed by how mature she is in dealing with concepts and situations. Richa has this ability to take a problem, rationalize it clearly and communicate it in such a way that it makes complete sense. A true professional indeed. It was my pleasure to have worked with her and to have known her personally. Wishing you the best, Richa!

Ruchi Aggarwal

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Walmart has inspired many case studies, budding entrepreneurs, business analysts. Sam Walton said “If you want a successful business, your people must feel that you are working for them—not that they are working for you.” He nurtured a #culture of “connect”, “#appreciation” and “#recognition” in the DNA of each colleague. Everyone who works at Walmart is expected to 1. Wish ‘good morning’ to each associate who crosses their path 2. Generally, give compliments to their co-workers and show them appreciation, even if they don’t have any particular reason to do so. 3. Remember the first and last names of their colleagues and address them by one or the other. 4. Learn a piece of relevant information about their associates – be it their hobby, background, family, etc. 5. Don’t spot faults, rather have a ‘good finding' approach about their associates. Employee morale shot up and results multiplied!!

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