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A 360-degree health check of business to ensure 10X business results

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We deliver leads, drive – sales, numbers and revenue

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We nurture strongly bonded, performance driven result oriented teams

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Breakthrough results by identifying and enhancing potential of teams

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“Best fit – functional and cultural” talent hired within TAT

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This is an objective 360-degree assessment of an Organization. We assess the existing processes and do a deep dive with the employees, customers, vendors to get a snapshot of ....

HR consulting

We work with your Organization in developing and executing the human resource strategy in alignment with the overall business plan and strategic direction of the organization....

Assessment Centre

This is a flexible engagement model wherein our clients can have the best talent, whilst capping their payroll budget.....

Sales Factory

Businesses thrive on numbers. Absolute numbers, revenue, margins, profitability, PBT, EBIDTA. The approach is the key. The journey begins with the sales team.....



An amazing experience. Thought I have almost 25 years of experience and hold a very senior position in a Global Organization and thought I know a lot and have myself been a trainer for my workforce across various countries and communities ….but this experience was awesome. Helped me to reinvent myself in a way. Keep going Richa and team. Kudos to your efforts!!

Prashant Arora

Vice President - TCS


Richa is a great motivator and a true visionary. I have known her for about thirty years. She would share her dreams and challenges about female empowerment , role of women to maintain work- life balance and looking into issues like self -care and burnout with me. At the same time she equally felt for men and didn’t discount their needs to manage the expectations in such pressure driven society.
It’s great to see her shape her dreams.
She is the still the same approachable, compassionate and loyal person and I wish her the very best at Finesse!

Divya Jogai

Counsellor (Registered MBACP, HACP)


Richa is one of the most level headed and result driven, dedicated professional I have worked with. She plans and executes in an organized way necessary to bring success to each of her stakeholder’s.She has been asset to the organization & key player to its success.

Nupur Naidu

Head of Business development & Commercial Intaleq


Finesse has been very resourceful in crafting changes within the organisational structure. In Richa I’ve not only found Proffessional excellence and Rigour but also a Committed Friend with a passion to see you  excel. Would highly recommend their proffesional services.

Geetanjali Kasliwal

Founder AnanTaya


Finesse, led by Richa epitomizes customer focus and deep expertise in the wide landscape of HR and OD solutions. We have been in a class together and the insights Richa brings in the area of human behavior is commendable. I have seen Richa working closely with some of the most successful and demanding clients – creating value for them by understanding their business need, conceptualizing creative solutions and flawlessely executing them. Richa is a valued business partner and we look forward to working with her in delivering value for clients.

Akash Chander

Managing Director @ Strengthscape I Executive Coach I Strategy & DiSC Facilitator I Blockchain Enthusiast


Finesse has been associated with our Group Companies since last 5 years. Finesse introduced healthy HR practices in our Companies, which resulted in alignment of the systems & processes along with optimization of the productivity, building a cohesive Culture, positive behavioral attitude of the workforce, focus on Employee Connect, transparent Appraisal process, 360 degree reverse appraisals, Reward & Recognition etc. etc……

In nutshell, I can see a total revolutionary transformation in the employee mindset & building of a very healthy Culture & Environment.

NN Bhandari

Chairman Cosmo Infrasolutions


We have worked with Finesse, for HR consultancy, training programs, and other programs. We have found them to be very professional in their approach, and have added value to our system. The programs are full of energy, and are good team motivators.

Richa and Sunir are hardworking, and can be trusted change agents for adaptive organisations.

Vinay Rathi

Director Tempsens Instruments Pvt Ltd.


Dear Richa,
This is to put on record our appreciation for the work you have done at our place.
Your unique method of effective consulting included:

1. Providing information to us. 2. Solving our problems. 3. Making a diagnosis, which necessitated the redefinition of the problem. 4. Making recommendations based on the diagnosis. 5. Assisting with implementation of recommended solutions. 6. Building a consensus and commitment around the corrective action. 7. Facilitating our learning—that is, teaching us how to resolve similar problems in the future. 8. Permanently improving organizational effectiveness.

Lalit Ahuja

Managing Director, Ahuja Group

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Richa September 4, 2020

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