Business Diagnostics


360° Diagnostic

This is the first step to take a leap of faith and grow your Organization to 10x. This is an objective 360-degree assessment of an Organization.

WE offer business diagnostic services – a 360-degree assessment of business health which assesses the ease of doing business with the Organization. Culture audit, employee engagement, strategic alignment , evaluation of processes, policies, customer , ex employee & supplier feedback are part of it. Business numbers are carefully analyzed

  • We use a myriad of scientific tools which are highly regarded and established in the industry.
  • We study the goal alignment and strategic intent of leadership.
  • We deep dive to validate the robustness of all processes – sales, production, service, marketing.
  • We deploy an employee engagement tool to study the engagement levels of the employees.
  • We study and establish the ease of doing business “with and within” the Organization.
  • We do the culture audit.