Employees First!!


Walmart has inspired many case studies, budding entrepreneurs, business analysts. Sam Walton said “If you want a successful business, your people must feel that you are working for them—not that they are working for you.”
He nurtured a #culture of “connect”, “#appreciation” and “#recognition” in the DNA of each colleague.

Everyone who works at Walmart is expected to
1. Wish ‘good morning’ to each associate who crosses their path
2. Generally, give compliments to their co-workers and show them appreciation, even if they don’t have any particular reason to do so.
3. Remember the first and last names of their colleagues and address them by one or the other.
4. Learn a piece of relevant information about their associates – be it their hobby, background, family, etc.
5. Don’t spot faults, rather have a ‘good finding’ approach about their associates.

Employee morale shot up and results multiplied!!

Taking a leaf from here we encourage all Organizations “to create a culture of identifying, rewarding and developing #potential”. #Performance will multiply, #motivation will increase. We have recently concluded 8 #Assessment Centre’s for a #PSU. Do reach out to us if you wish to run an #AssessmentCentre.

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