Lakshdeep Tourism

Lakshadweep Tourism On Rise: Thanks To Mr. Modi’s Exceptional Leadership Skills

Recently, our Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, posted images from his Lakshadweep trip, where he engaged with the locals, relished breathtaking views along the pristine coastline, and participated in snorkelling. Tweeting about the experience, he expressed his admiration for the captivating beauty of Lakshadweep’s islands and the remarkable warmth of its inhabitants. The shared pictures […]
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Coffee Badging

Understanding Coffee Badging Trends In Modern Workplaces

After the pandemic, the corporate landscape has witnessed the emergence of several trends, including quiet quitting, great resignation, and moonlighting. Joining this array of workplace phenomena is the recent phenomenon or trend known as Coffee Badging, a concept gaining prominence in the modern workplace environment. So, What Is Coffee Badging? Coffee Badging is a term […]
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HR Policy

How HR Policies Shape The Direction Of Corporate Culture

To create a successful work environment, the most important thing is to prioritize your employees. In business, success comes from many different factors that help achieve a company’s goals. However, employees are the most crucial part of a company’s day-to-day work and growth. They are the ones who interact with customers and play a vital […]
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