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Assessment Centre

Assessment / Development Centre

Your Organisation wishes to excel. Leadership is the magic wand to take the business to 10 X

  • Are your leaders ready to succeed in the VUCA World
  • Are your leaders ready for the next level
  • The Organisation wants to make its talent strategy
  • The Organisation wishes to know who to promote
  • The strategy required for developing the leadership team

Assessment centre

We run Assessment Centres for:

  • CXO’s
  • CEO – 1
  • Mid Level Managers
  • Sales Team

Our USP in Assessment Centre

We support assessment and subsequent development journey. We offer:

  • Competency Development
  • Assessment Centre Roll Out
  • Individual Development Plan
  • Handhold Journey
  • Post IDP Assessment

Tools used for Assessment Centre

Psychometric Tools:

  • OPQ32r SHL
  • Ravens
  • Hogan
  • Harrison
  • DiSC
  • Saville Wave
  • Mettl

Assessor Led Leadership Tools:

  • Role Play
  • Case Study
  • In – Basket
  • Group Discussion
  • Behavioural Event Interview
  • Online Games

These tools are a simulation of the business challenges. All the tools are customised to your business realities. Some examples:

  • Hiring and retaining IT talent
  • Maintaining a viable business model
  • Prioritisation and sequencing of operational decisions
  • Adoption of technology in the highly digitised world
  • Working within the compliance framework
  • Creating a performance-driven culture
  • Trade off’s between striving for immediate gains and leveraging strategic opportunities

Finesse has the capability of deploying 100% virtual assessment centres.

Many clients are now using 360 assessment as an integral part of the Assessment Centre. There are many 360 tools available that can be customised to the Organisation’s competencies.

What can the report of the Assessment Centre be used for:

  • Mapping talent on the 9 blocker
  • Create a talent strategy
  • Identify the most suitable incumbent for promotion
  • Create a succession pipeline
  • Put incumbent through a development journey
  • Create an IDP – Individual Development Plan

Our USP in rolling out Assessment Centre is the reliability and validity of the final reports. Do get in touch with us to explore this further.

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