Building Teams


Tanay and Reet work for a startup. Tanay has been with the Organization for over a year and Reet joined a few months back. Tanay is a very conscientious professional and works like an entrepreneur. In December last year he was to attend a wedding with his fiancée but at that point he was handling a critical project and he didn’t even discuss leave with his manager. He similarly missed a fun trip with family. He is getting married early next year but before that his friends wanted to go for a bachelors trip. There are only 2 people in his vertical so he shared his plan with Reet, but forgot to apply for leave. The next day Reet applied for leave for “the same days”(she had some work) and got approval. Tanay felt upset and shared the incident with his manager. The manager told Tanay that Reet had applied for leave and Tanay hadn’t and both can’t take leave simultaneously. Tanay is feeling let down and demotivated

What could Tanay, Reet and the Manager have done differently??

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