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Coaching and Psychometric Assessments


We work with clients to achieve a positive and progressive shift from where the person is to where he or she would like to be, by creating self-awareness that enables self-responsibility. It is future-focused and result oriented. We aim to unlock a person’s potential to maximise their performance. We have turned around businesses with Coaching. Who is coaching relevant for

  • Business leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Teams with a drive to achieve aggressive goals
  • Individuals determined to achieve excellence
  • People wanting to strengthen relationships
  • Individuals aspiring for personal effectiveness
  • Individuals wishing to enhance self-confidence
  • Crafting a positive and progressive shift in an individuals’ personal and/or professional life
  • Enhancing self-awareness

Awareness is the key and the starting point for progress.

Individual by individual, Finesse helps improve situations, relationships and business performance. Our objective is to make a significant and measurable difference in people’s lives.

Psychometric Assessment

A Psychometric Assessment guide offers practical facts and valuable advice about aptitude, reasoning, personality and more. It can help identify an individual’s long-term potential by exploring and measuring their behaviours and cognitive ability and aptitude.

There is a repository of tools designed to embark on a journey of “self-awareness” for adapting and performing better in the workplace.

We use an internationally acclaimed series of psychometric profiles – Hogan, Pearsons, SHL, DiSC, Thomas and many many more– to suit the requirements from top management to frontline.

Psychometric Assessment supported by Coaching

For most of us, the starting point for good personal growth is self-awareness. Psychometric assessments offer a range of well-researched tests to help us learn more about ourselves and open up a range of probabilities for our growth.

A psychometric assessment is a very powerful tool. Listed below advantages state why

  • Objective Assessment
  • Reliable method
  • Validity ensured
  • Tested over multiple participants

Psychometric Assessment is a useful tool for coaching and the advantages are multifold.

Psychometric Assessment

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