Competencies for high performers – are they inherent or tethered to some invisible hook?



Ronit is a fresh engineering graduate. He starts his job in June & till then he is interning. We got a very challenging project, we needed all hands on deck and Ronit had been looking for such an opportunity. I asked him to work with us on “project critical” for 8 days. He was delighted. We had sweetened the deal with attractive commercials. Ronit came back that evening declining the project since his counterpart was on leave during the same period and he couldn’t leave his team in a lurch. Team spirit, reliability, responsibility, ownership it seems are independent of salary or level.

The leaner in him was ubiquitous. He asked me if he could come post office each day and chip in. The boy is talented and there was automation to be done so we welcomed him. He comes post office every day, creates what is required, evaluates, troubleshoots, and improvises. I observe a drive for excellence prodded by perseverance. Last evening he left red-eyed at 10 pm and then called up “don’t use the sheet I made, there are some gaps. Don’t worry I will send it out before your session at 7:30 am”. In our quest for crafting productive, self-motivated teams that take ownership, are there any learning’s here?

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