CrossSell and upsell


#Sales has a lot to do with keeping your existing #customer #HAPPY. The probability of selling to an existing customer, is 60%-70% higher than a new customer.

When we do “customer feedback” as part of business #diagnostics we have seen almost 25% of customers indicating interest in high ticket elements like real estate as well. The percentage is always above 25% across the industry.

Flipkart’s strategy to tap into the resourceful customer service data is to make it mandatory for all top executives to take customer care calls. Mr. Binny Bansal, the co-founder of Flipkart, attended a call where the customer wanted to get her shoes replaced in another size.

While guiding her through the process he realized the exact points which were not clearly understood by the user. This in turn got him to focus on improving the return and replacement feature on the channel.

Our #salesConsulting arm helps you to increase your “#sales and #revenue”. Numbers that can be tracked.

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