This is the first step to take a leap of faith and grow your Organization to 10x. This is an objective 360-degree assessment of an Organization.

  1. We use a myriad of scientific tools which are highly regarded and established in the industry.
  2. We study the goal alignment and strategic intent of leadership.
  3. We deep dive to validate the robustness of all processes – sales, production, service, marketing
  4. We deploy an employee engagement tool to study the engagement levels of the employees
  5. We study and establish the ease of doing business “with and within” the Organization
  6. We do the culture audit

Diagnostic is a comprehensive “strategic and OD tool” used to assess the current status of the Organization. Even as it uncovers critical data – it acts as a pressure valve! The findings of the diagnostic are used to craft a strategic road map for the future. This roadmap is aligned to the strategic priorities, which are mapped to the ground realities. A detailed employee engagement report is also shared. We use an indigenous engagement tool, which has been tested over 15000 employees