Ever crushed a cookie?


I frequently visit this popular and impactful physiotherapy clinic.

I experienced their care & it came from their heart

“Only one who is happy can spread joy”

It demonstrates that employee centricity is not rocket science!

Yet the only great DIFFERENTIATOR that separates the great from the good and average.

Lessons I learnt

If after a session you go back and tell them that the pain persisted, they insist “ you should have called back rather than waiting for the next day”

The CEO says “it is better if you book an appointment till 5 as longer days wear out the team”

The team chips in “if the time doesn’t work for you we will be happy to stay back” wow.

There is music, books, happy chatter as the team constantly checks in on you.

They have real-time huddles to discuss the line of treatment for each patient.

We get the best.

physiotherapy clinic
physiotherapy clinic

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