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HR Consulting

Human Resources isn’t a thing we do, it’s the thing that runs our business”

Of all the resources available– manpower, method, machine, material, money – manpower and only manpower is unique and capable of co-creating growth and success.

The human aspect of business can deliver wonders if handled well. Nurturing a strong emotional contract with the employees brings out the discretionary effort in the team.

HR consultancy

HR consultancy services from Finesse will facilitate to evolve your approach towards human resources.

It will answer several questions:

  • How to build a performance-driven culture?
  • How to make people work?
  • What to delegate?
  • Whom to hire? What to pay?
  • When to let go?
  • What role to play as the team leader?
  • How to induct and orient the new employee?
  • How to retain employees?
  • What is the optimal balance of control and autonomy?
  • Practises, processes, policies, SoP’s – when are where?

HR consultancy services offered by Finesse will facilitate your Organisation in developing and executing the human resource strategy in alignment with the overall business plan and strategic direction of the organisation.

Finesse whilst offering HR consultancy services, partners with YOU, in overseeing all aspects of Human Resource Management – its practises, and operations in order to meet the needs of the constantly evolving business in the VUCA world.

We support in building upon the business’s current people programs and service delivery strategies, whilst enhancing the organisational decision-making and strategic approach for securing 10 X growth.

At Finesse when we offer HR Consultancy services we help to craft the strategic direction and we also help to operationalize the strategy. We work on the philosophy of sustainability and develop your team so that they can continue working on projects created by Finesse. For HR consultancy services we engage for a maximum of 9 months – within which we develop the systems and teams for growth.

We believe that consultants are like bees; they fly from flower to flower and  – both offer and receive the gift of life.”

HR business consultancy covers all the aspects of the employee life cycle

  • Culture – create a performance-driven culture
  • Optimise – create a balanced Organisation structure
  • Attract – craft a vibrant employer brand
  • Socialise – integrate the new hires within YOUR Organisation
  • Align – nurture pride in each employee for being part of YOUR Organisation
  • Grow – role, context and learning
  • Develop – for individuals and Organisational goals
  • Reward – performance, desired competencies
  • Sustainability – success planning and career pathing
  • Engage
  • Exit – create brand apostles

The tools

  • Designation Strategy
  • Organisation Structure
  • Role Dimensioning
  • Salary Banding
  • Vision, Mission, Values
  • Behavioural Competencies
  • Functional Competencies
  • Goal Setting
  • AOP (Annual Operating Plan)
  • Performance Management System
  • Key Performance Indicators and Key Result Areas for each role
  • Career Pathing
  • Succession Planning
  • High Potential employee programme
  • Review Mechanisms
  • SoP’S
  • Policies; Plans
  • Processes
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Reward and recognition
  • Internal Brand Management
  • Building Operational Efficiencies
  • Review Mechanisms
  • Employee Brand
  • Talent Management
  • Change Management

We align HR practices to business results. HR here becomes a business partner and a line function.

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