Sales through Service


Only 52 (10.4%) of the #Fortune500 companies remain on the list today. Rest are gone, merged, reorganized.

This demonstrates that there been a lot of market #disruption. The process of market disruption is being driven by ability to “#solve customer problem”, “offer value” and serve “delightful customer service”.

At Finesse we launched “sales consulting” when the first wave of COVID hit. We realized that many small and mid-sized companies are struggling to get business.

Results are measurable in these projects and we were able to help 100% of our clients increase their revenue. Customer need served which in turn brought many more assignments for Finesse.

In another space, Bangalore based 10 by 10 ‘s decision to start designing isolation pods during COVID was a shift from their existing model of landscape designing and a step toward “serving a need” and enjoying revenue growth.

Our #salesConsulting arm helps you to increase your “#sales and #revenue”.

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