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Are You Embarrassed By Your Hr Consultancy Skills? Here’s What To Do

What is HR Consultancy? Advice and services from a third-party specialist to help businesses enhance the efficiency of their HR operations. HR consultancy services also adopt new policies and processes most feasibly.  HR consultancies are frequently hired to handle a specific problem or shortfall. They are entrusted with assessing, auditing, proposing, and implementing a strategy […]

Richa May 7, 2022

A lesson to be learnt from Dussehra

A lesson to be learnt from Dussehra It was Rama’s diverse team (Vanar’s, Bears, Garuda’s, Men and God’s) which conquered evil, created history, crafted the great epic. It is a very clear indication to the Corporate World – celebrate diversity and encourage inclusivity in teams!! A McKinsey research states that racially and ethnically diverse Organizations are 35% […]

Richa October 8, 2019

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