A lesson to be learnt from Dussehra


A lesson to be learnt from Dussehra

It was Rama’s diverse team (Vanar’s, Bears, Garuda’s, Men and God’s) which conquered evil, created history, crafted the great epic. It is a very clear indication to the Corporate World – celebrate diversity and encourage inclusivity in teams!!

A McKinsey research states that racially and ethnically diverse Organizations are 35% more likely to have financial results above National industry medians and the figure stands at 15% for gender diverse companies. Age, sexual orientation, global mindsets all enhance diversity.

Despite the evidence, even the most progressive companies fail in this respect. A SHRM report noted that 41% managers are “too busy” to implement diversity initiatives.  

Organization’s will have to be intentional about diversity, mindful of the benefits, prepared for the challenges. Hiring diverse talent will need to be backed up by creating an inclusive climate.

We will have to do away with “fixed notions” and be more flexible and open to spot the talent we need. Organizations will then need to innovate the processes and flex the culture to create a diverse and inclusive Organization. Diversity delivers more perspectives, higher innovation, more discussion and sounder decisions.

The road is tough but the destination is profitable.