Training on Performance Management System


Suresh was very surprised with his annual assessment, the whole year he thought his manager was happy with his work but Suresh got a poor rating in the annual assessment Kopal had 5 people in her team and she was wondering how to rate them as she only remembered a few incidents from last year but could not arrive at a rating The Management was against giving increments because they felt that the overall performance of the Organization was very poor Shikha was very disappointed because she worked much harder than her colleagues but everyone in the team was given a similar increment Puneet had just had a performance feedback discussion with his manager and he was very upset. He had made up his mind to leave the Organization.

End Result of a badly designed Performance Management System

1. Overall Performance level of the Organization goes down
2. Employee demotivation and attrition
3. Targets are not clear and ultimately not achieved
4. Mediocrity seeps in
5. Management disconnect in giving generous increments when they do not see a quantum jump in performance

To help YOU with the sample issues listed above, team Finesse is bring a feature packed, experiential 1 day training program on Performance Management System, where Business Heads, HR Team Heads, and Managers can know how they can increase the productivity and motivation levels.

What will be covered in the training?

1.Target setting. Drafting targets that help the Organization to grow.
2.Target setting tool selection ­ KPI / KRA / OKR.
3.Defining and creating PMS process steps ­ target setting, self-assessment, manager review, HoD assessment, roll out of rewards linked to performance.
4.What metrics should be reviewed and how it should it be reviewed · 5.Coach Managers for effective performance discussions
6.What should be the increment strategy?
7.Should increment be a fixed amount or can it be variable?

Who should attend?

1.Business Heads
2.HR Team
3.100% Managers / anyone who has a team


1.Drive higher results
2.Increase the productivity levels of the Organization
3.Set clear expectations for the employees
4.Monitor progress systematically and regularly
5.Give feedback which empowers teams
6.Recognize and reward performance

Why Finesse

Team Finesse has designed and run successful Performance Management Systems in Organizations big and small across the country.

Book your seat early for the exclusive training on Performance Management System by Richa Mahendra, a seasoned HR specialist fortified with experience in business functions.

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