Use these 5 tips to increase your Employee Retention Rate within 30 days.


 HR faces makes me wonder that if they prioritise  the biggest problem what would that be?

With my experience I can say that employee retention is one of the biggest challenges that HR faces.

I am not saying that hiring good talent is easy, or employee engagement is like making a cup of tea. However,  employee retention is a major issue – how to handle a particular resignation and the strategy you make to ring-fence talent requires a lot of time and effort. 

You schedule training, engagement and development efforts for the employees for months or for years only to watch them leave the organisation without adding any value. Or you watch a good employee leaving the organisation just because they are not appreciated enough.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything. It doesn’t mean that there are no ways to fix these issues.

Well, in this article I will be talking about top 5 ways in which you can retain your employees.

So let’s get started.

1. Show them Opportunity

Your employees will leave if they feel that they don’t have a future within the Organisation. They will obviously look for better opportunities elsewhere. 

If you invest in their learning and development and offer them an opportunity to develop new skills the chances of them staying with you increases. 

Career development prospects and mentorship are attractive to the most talented employees. 

They would prefer to remain with an organisation offering them this than go to another organisation offering them a more significant compensation. One approach to urge them to continue to advance is to make it simpler for them to take up and execute challenging tasks. .

You can reimburse tuition fees and give them paid study leave before exams.

2. Give them Benefits

Organisations that offer more advantages to their team  are bound to keep them.  Medical benefits, flexibility, Long term incentives, club memberships, E SoP’s make the top of the list. 

Managers that offer liberal paid off-time keep away from burnout and hold their team  all the more effectively. Employees  like the likelihood to have some time off without being rebuffed. Numerous employees  esteem this in excess of a more significant compensation! Other significant advantages are execution rewards, paternity/maternity leave and adaptable work hours.

3. Create a great work environment

A workplace that allows  individuals to feel included and rewarded will stay. Employees like to have a say in decision making. . Shared work areas are becoming famous, supplanting the dim, extremely durable work areas of the past and joint effort is the situation. 

People  need to appreciated where they work. More organizations are investing in  the workplace climate and attempting to make it more appealing to hold top ability. On-location wellness focuses, for instance, have become normal in numerous working environments where individuals are needed to sit for a long time before a PC consistently. We know cases where physiotherapists are constantly working  on the shoulder muscles even as the people are working.

4. Prioritise  work-life balance

Balance between work-life activities has become more critical to teams than any time in recent memory. You need to recognize that your employees  have a daily existence outside of work. On the off chance that you consistently  make them come in ahead of schedule and work after available time, they will definitely begin searching for different positions. 

With the capacity to work distantly, it has become simpler for individuals to work without going into the workplace. Working distantly offers the sort of adaptability that teams  need. There is a down side too – we expect employees to work real time. This can become very taxing as we expect them to revert at all hours of the day or late night. Organisations can also introduce the concept of silent hours when the employees can not be disturbed.

5. Make them feel valued

This is one of the most important things to do when it comes to employee retention. Your employees will NOT stay with you for long if you don’t make them feel that they are a valuable asset for the company.

The best way of  appreciating your employees is by giving them awards, titles, and gifts more often. It motivates them to work harder and achieve the organisation’s ‘s goal.

A sweet gesture from you can make them feel valued, appreciated and happy.


Well, these were some tips which I think if HR fraternity follows their employee retention rate will increase just within a month.

Do let me know your thoughts on the same and how you are managing your employee retention.

Comment below the points you think I missed!!!

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