Work-life integration – it’s a two-way street


Videsh is a gifted sales head – drives business, delivers results. He is well respected and highly acclaimed in the Organization. Sakshi is a key member of the sales team. Recently she went on an unapproved leave. Videsh was livid and made a compelling case to HR suggesting that she does not appreciate how critical her role is and it was extremely irresponsible of her to proceed on unapproved leave. He thinks she must be marked LWP (Leave without pay) plus a notice should be sent to her and her increment which is due in July should be extended. Now herein lies the dilemma…. what should HR do? Videsh presented to the management that just LWP is not sufficient to send a strong message to the Organization. HR feels that this is too much penalization but can not afford to go against Videsh considering his role in the Organization.

We are living in a highly integrated workplace. Technology allows work to roll over in personal hours – there are calls to be taken from home and mails to be responded to.

Employees have to be mindful of their responsibility at work. And then there is the family and there are responsibilities!! There is a fine balance.

Do you think Sakshi was pushed towards making an irresponsible choice of taking unapproved leave?

Do you think that Sakshi may also be expecting the Organization to stand by her?

What should be done…?

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