The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Leadership Development


One of the most serious concerns confronting businesses today is leadership development. It is significant because it represents a significant opportunity for firms to gain a competitive advantage in their industry. 

There has never been a more pressing need for leadership development. Companies recognize that in today’s volatile and ambiguous environment, they require leadership qualities and organizational competencies. These are distinct from those that helped them succeed in the past.

Leadership development improves

  • Financial performance on the bottom line
  • Attracts and keeps talent
  • Accelerates strategy execution
  • Improves change management success

Although it is critical, people still make mistakes when it comes to leadership development.

Leadership development

Mistakes that people make with leadership development

The majority of leaders conflate control and delegation

For the most part, people think that becoming a leader entails being able to tell others what to do. They perceive themselves as the person who has the answers to all of the questions. This is one of the biggest mistakes while leadership development.

This is viewed by real leaders as the worst-case scenario. They’d rather spend their time forming teams they can rely on to solve problems on their own.

Being a successful leader does not imply being the go-to person for everything. It means being conscious of the need to form teams and surround yourself with skilled people. The more power you relinquish, the better.

Not giving regular performance feedback

Avoiding feedback is a classic leadership development mistake. But, open communication is essential for growth, performance, and staff retention. 


People can only achieve great performance if they are aware of their effectiveness. Some bosses take a hands-off approach, only providing criticism to employees during scheduled performance reviews. 

This can be a huge issue for both your staff and your company as a whole. Developing your ability to communicate hard performance facts will open the path to improved performance.

Failing to Define Goals

Your employees will muddle through the day if they don’t have clear objectives. They won’t be able to be productive if they don’t know why they’re working or what their job entails.

The employees cannot also appropriately prioritize their workload, resulting in projects and chores being performed in the incorrect order. This is a mistake that should be avoided at all costs. This will never aid the company’s expansion.

Taking on Unnecessary Work

Leaders are typically promoted or hired because they understand what needs to be done and how it should be done. Another blunder made during leadership development is taking on too much work. 

Completing or tweaking employees’ work because you don’t like it, or failing to delegate responsibilities, not only adds to your workload but also prevents your team from reaching its full potential.

Lack of Vision

A company that lacks visionary executives will face significant issues in the future. As a leader, you’re responsible for setting organizational goals and expectations, as well as holding everyone accountable for meeting them. 

lack of vision

As a junior manager, a lack of vision will lead to poor resource planning and unfocused projects. Along with this people may also face erroneous organizational performance measurements and a lack of employee support. When it comes to leadership development, having a vision is crucial. 

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