Sales Consulting Services


Businesses thrive on numbers: absolute numbers, revenue, margins, profitability, PBT, and EBIDT with Finesse Sales Consultant Service. The approach is the key. The journey begins with the sales team “understanding and loving” their own product/service; mapping the appropriate “target audience”; selecting the most impactful channel; and closing the deal to drive Organizational goals and exceed customer expectations. It’s about building relationships.

Finesse facilitates businesses in improving sales performance, increasing revenue, and enhance overall bottom-line.

We work on 2 models:

Finesse generates leads for your business:

The Finesse team works on every aspect of pre-sales and sales up to the point of generating leads. We start with designing the sales strategic direction in terms of “go-to market strategy”. We roll out digital marketing, prospect identification, and conversion of prospects to leads. At this point, we hand over the qualified lead which your organization can close.

Finesse leads your team to get sales results:

We work with the client’s team to ensure results.
Any or all of the following tools may be used:
■   Go-to-market strategy
■   Team dimensioning
■   Training
■   Motivation sessions
■   “On the Job” demonstration
■   Funnel Management
■   Customer Expectation Management and delight
■   Input Parameter Management: number of sales calls, emails, visits, presentations, digital marketing etc. required to convert a customer.
■   Hot, cold, warm lead management
■   Data Base Management: intelligent collection and updation to ensure its relevance
■   Customer Retention
■   Upselling and cross-selling

Finesse champions in launching organizations, building brands, increasing market share, crafting employer brands, increasing profitability and reducing costs.