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Start date - 15th October 2022

Duration - 3 Months

Weekly sessions of 3 hours each

Each online training session will be followed by one midweek implementation discussion session

10 accountability sessions post the program to ensure that you implement what you learn

Total of 12 learning sessions in 3 months. 12 mid week discussion sessions (optional for the learner) followed by 10 accountability sessions over the next 2½ months

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What will YOU get ??

Of all the resources available- manpower, method, machine, material, money-manpower and only manpower is unique and capable of co creating growth and success for the entrepreneur. The human aspect of business can deliver wonders if handled well. Nurturing a strong emotional contract with the employees brings out the discretionary effort in the team.
How to build a performance driven culture?
What to delegate?
When to let go?
What is the optimal balance of control and autonomy ?
How to retain employees?
How to induct and orient the new employee?
How to make people work?
Whom to hire? What to pay?
What role to play as the tearn leader?
Practices, processes, policies, SoP’s - when are where?

Why do you need to know the answers to the above questions:

Companies with Highly Engaged Workforce are 21% More Profitable and 17% more productive.

Highly engaged workplaces saw 41% lower absenteeism (Gallup). An employee who feels engaged and inspired is 125% more productive than the satisfied staffer.

Employees that don't feel recognized when they do great work are almost 2x as likely to be job hunting.

Superior talent is up to ‘8’ times more productive than average employees. (McKinsey)

Productivity improves by 20 to 25 percent in organizations with connected employees. (McKinsey)

Every time a business replaces a salaried employee, it costs 6 to 9 months salary on average. Losing an executive-level manager can cost 213% of that persan’s annual salary. The average employee exit costs 33% of their annual salary.

The Early Bird Discount ! ₹ 29999 ₹26999/- Till 20th Sep

More than 1 Entreprenuer ₹29999 ₹24999/- Each till 20th Sep

Topics Covered

Successful businesses create a vibrant employer brand which enables them to attract the best manpower. Organizations create such powerful positive “employee experience” that even when employees quit, they leave on a happy note and remain raving fans of the Organization.

HR leadership program will facilitate you with strategies and tips to create a wonderful climate that employees want to enjoy and will have “FOMO” – Fear of missing out !!

When a new member joins our family (by marriage or birth) we invest a lot of time in sharing OUR culture so that they can fit in better. Similarly, the DNA of each Organization is unique.

Employees come from different backgrounds and culture, and they need to be aligned to the Organizational values to collaborate as a winning, performing team. Understanding, drafting, and sharing the Vision, Mission, Values are critical for any business to grow. This Program will facilitate in helping you create all the above!!

How should the entrepreneur handle the team. What to delegate, how to review, how to facilitate the employees to perform better. HR leadership program will help you identify YOUR core strengths on which you should be focusing as an entrepreneur. In short when the entrepreneur focusses on non-core issues, it is like killing an ant with a canon.

EMOTIONAL CONTRACT is the only bond that binds and unites a winning team.

One may think “Let us try to negotiate a lower salary with a prospective employee”. The employee agrees and joins the Organization. What are the implications? How does it affect your business. We will walk through various mental models when hiring. This program will also help you develop a structured approach for recruitment. It will include all the forms and formats to get you recruitment ready.

Acquire the best talent to grow 10X!!

Any new joinee has the potential to become a star performer or a nonperformer. The first few days are critical. Just as a new family member is welcomed to the family where there is love, warmth, excitement, open communication and also expectation setting – similarly the new joinee must know what to expect and what the Organization expects.

The first 90 days set the context for how well the new joinee will perform and integrate with the Organization.

This period starts from the day of the interview till confirmation.

Employees perform when they are told explicitly what is expected from them. Designing numeric KPI’s and KRA’s, evaluating employees against stated targets and rewarding them fairly, helps to create a performance driven culture. This increases the result orientation and ultimately profitability. The process of dialogue and feedback between team and manager, is critical to ensure that overall, the performance of majority employees increases.

Many times, we as Entrepreneurs do not differentiate performance and we reward people equally. This lowers the overall performance of the Organization. The high performer thinks “why should I work so hard when everyone is treated the same”. The low performer thinks “ I just get a bit of scolding but ultimately the Organization takes care of me.

Engaged employees are very productive and stay longer with the Organization. You cannot increase performance through policies. Your attendance policy can ensure that an employee clocks his / her presence for 8 ½ hours – but it cannot ensure high performance. HR Leadership program will help you to increase the discretionary effort of teams.

Once an employee has targets and knows what is expected they must be given the required training to help them perform.

What gets reviewed gets done! Identifying and measuring relevant HR metrics is critical to have 100% control on all HR variables. One can forecast which employee may be thinking of leaving, what are the best sources of hiring, what is the revenue per employee, what is the productivity per employee etc.

HR leadership program will help you to create a review culture by using the PMS metrics to measure all departments. This will enhance transparency, collaboration, and results across the Organization.

HR thus becomes the custodian of the performance of all teams.

The Early Bird Discount ! ₹ 29999 ₹26999/- Till 20th Sep

More than 1 Entreprenuer ₹29999 ₹24999/- Each till 20th Sep
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