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Reyansh’s firm Candizz specialised in exquisite temple jewellery but was languishing. Local market was non-existent, and expanding the footprint expensive. Production targets were missed continuously and operations shoddy.

The very first thing we did, was to set up a review rhythm. Reviews got them to identify input output metrics, key business levers and drove accountability. Then we progressed to create an “Annual Operating Plan”. This gave the team a perspective on market size, potential and a drive to achieve.

We challenged their mindset that temple jewellery can not sell in Chennai since this jewellery is abundantly available. We facilitated the team to discover their USP in the overcrowded market. Persuasion and persistence motivated them to try the Chennai market. Day 1 they landed a sizeable order and now this market contributes 25% to the revenue kitty.

And then there was Mihir. Refused to travel on the pretext that his grandmother eats only when he is at the table. “Incentive programme” INTRODUCED. Wonder how the grandparent is faring because Mihir travels 10 days a month – hell or high water.

And more strokes to streamline production and operations.

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