The right fit!!


The brain is like “#realestate”. It is precious and we have to choose how we use it. Our personal #values determine what we choose.

#Mark Zuckerberg, #Barack Obama, #Richard Branson, #Steve Jobs (past) wear similar-looking clothes every day to avoid an inessential decision.

By sticking to a monotonous wardrobe, they can combat the phenomena of “decision fatigue”, which subsequently improves their efficiency in decision making of important and valuable affairs.

On the other hand #Coco Chanel, #Donna Karan, #Giorgio Armani thrive by making the World a #fashionconscious place and encouraging people to dress “for the moment”.

Leaders determine #culture, which in turn defines the type of employees who will be a best fit – flamboyant or prosaic.

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We screen for cultural alignment, #functional #competencies#behavioural competencies to ensure #talent fit.